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National Academy of Sciences Building Restoration Wins DC Preservation Award

[05-07-2013]  The restoration of the National Academy of Science building was acknowledged by receiving the 2013 State Historic Preservation Officer's Award for Excellence in Historic Preservation from the District of Columbia and DC Preservation League. As part of a team led by architects Quinn Evans, CSI investigated and treated the bronze reliefs and doors by sculptor Lee Lawrie and other bronze window and spandrel panels on the exteriors of both the original Bertram Goodhue building and the later additions by the firm of Harrison and Abramovitz. After researching the original patina scheme, artisans under the direction of CSI conservators cleaned, repatinated and coated the many window surrounds and spandrel panels to their original, multi-colored beauty. This work integrated seamlessly with the other sensitive restorations of the historic decorative scheme of this unique structure. This is the second time in as many years that CSI's efforts have been acknowledged with a DC Preservation Award, having received similar recognition for the restoration of the DC War Memorial on the National Mall in 2012.