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CSI Acknowledged in New York City Design Commission Award for Excellence for Conservation of the Egyptian Obelisk

[05-18-2015]  CSI worked with the Central Park Conservancy on teams with other conservators and Egyptologists from the Metropolitan Museum and elsewhere to assess and preserve the monumental granite obelisk in Central Park known as Cleopatra's Needle. More that 3500 years old during its long history the monolithic stone was erected by Tutmose III, recarved by Rameses II, toppled by the Hyksos and left abandoned in the sand Heliopolis for hundreds of years, re-erected by Augustus Ceasar in Alexandria where it stayed until it was given to the USA, taken down and moved to Central Park in the late 19th Century. This was the first comprehensive and scientific treatment the Obelisk has recieved since it was erected in New York after early efforts to stem losses from the North American climate more than 100 years ago.