Heritage Conservation in Canada

Led by Julya Sembrat and Senior Conservators Joseph Sembrat and Mark Rabinowitz, CSI Conservation Solutions ULC opened its Ottawa Ontario office in July 2012.  Our first large project in the province was to provide heritage conservation oversight services for a multi-year project to treat, clean and restore an iconic Ottawa building. This massive project was completed on schedule in July 2017.


We have continued to expand our reach throughout Canada and have worked on projects in Ontario, Yukon, Alberta and Newfoundland provinces. Our scope of work has included assessment, treatment and maintenance plan development and has ranged from masonry, large mosaics, aeronautical artifacts and wooden objects to indigenous artwork and textiles.  


We were pleased to be a member of the 2016 CAHP/ACECP Award of Excellence winning team on the Wellington Building rehabilitation and restoration project in Ottawa. Our scope of work included the assessment and conservation treatment of Barry Faulkner’s ceiling mosaic which features thousands of glass tesserae depicting scenes of wealth, wellbeing, and prosperity, which were intended to celebrate the building’s original occupant, the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. 


Please explore our Canadian project portfolio to gain insight into CSI’s breadth of experience in the heritage conservation field.

Selected Projects

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