Granite and Bronze Monument Conservation - National War Memorial
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Granite and Bronze Monument Conservation - National War Memorial

National War Memorial, Ottawa, ON, Canada

Situated within the National Historic Site of Confederation Square, the Canadian National War Memorial was built between 1937-1939.  Designed by English Sculptor, Vernon March, this memorial serves to commemorate lives lost during World War I.  Since conception, more dates of Canadian military significance adorn the granite base, along with the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  The large granite arch and base features 27 bronze components, including weaponry, horses, and 2 allegorical figures of Liberty and Peace overlooking bronzes of the servicemen and women below.

As part of the grand scheme for the rehabilitation of the National War Memorial, the project aimed to address health and safety issues associated with the structural slab, repair deteriorated elements of the podium and associated landscape, clean and repair the monument, ensure accessibility for all visitors, and to prepare an ongoing maintenance plan for the overall site.

CSI was approached to provide masonry and metal conservation services, including a conditions assessment, developing treatment recommendations, testing and performing mock-ups of suggested materials, and over-seeing the conservation work.  The first phase of work commenced in July 2015 with, CSI’s on-site role continued with conservation oversight. Work was implemented under our direction and successfully completed on schedule in Fall of 2016.