Ceramics Assessment and Treatment - Alberta Foundation for the Arts
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Ceramics Assessment and Treatment - Alberta Foundation for the Arts

Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Edmonton, AB, Canada
Government of Alberta

Conservation Solutions (CSI) was contracted by the Alberta Foundation for the Arts (AFA) to carry out conditions assessments, provide treatment recommendations, and complete conservation treatments for the selection of twenty-three ceramic objects within the collection of the AFA. The treatment of these twenty-three contemporary ceramic artworks ranged from large-scale installation works like A New Spring is Born, 1976, Ed Dranhanchuck, to small ceramics orbs.  

Treatments were conducted on site at the AFA facility.  The ceramics required a range of treatments including cleaning, stabilization of fragile glazes, and recreating or repairing damaged or missing ceramic elements.  The Museum System (TMS) database and previous conservation records were made available to CSI and reviewed in conjunction with the onsite assessments.   This research allowed for informed decisions into the original condition, images and working techniques of the artists.  All treatments were approved by AFA prior to carrying out practical work.

CSI provided written and photographic documentation to illustrate the conditions, identify the treatment recommendations, and provide storage and display recommendation.  CSI also provided final treatment reports to the client of all completed work.