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Painted silk banner conservation - Binet House

Binet House, Mayo, Canada

Fabricated in 1921, the historic silk banner has hand-painted imagery of typical Klondike activities. The previous display subjected the banner to high ultra violet light radiation, smoke deposits, and general soiling which resulted in degradation and soiling. Weakening of fibres caused shattering and loss, which compromised the silk substrate. To improve the display of the banner, Conservation Solutions, Inc. (CSI) was contracted by the Yukon Government, to complete a condition assessment on site in Whitehorse, Yukon, and provide treatment recommendations.  

Following an approved treatment plan, the banner was shipped to Calgary, AB where stabilization of original material and addition of a new support backing were completed by CSI subcontractors. Compromised areas of loss were stabilized by insertion of adhesive film cut to shape under the loose fragments. The process secured fragments and prevented further loss and movement. The original gold braiding was re-aligned, and the backing materials fortified. The banner was placed on a color-matched padded mount to act as part of the display mount. Upon completion, the banner was shipped back to the Yukon to be installed in a new display case, with appropriate ventilation, and an ultra violet filter.