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Public Art Collections Assessment and Conservation Plan

City of Calgary, Calgary, AB, Canada

As part of the City of Calgary’s division of Culture, the Public Art Program is committed to acquiring great public art that impacts the urban landscape and transforms the way people interact and experience the city.  

Their collection consists of over 1,300 indoor and outdoor artworks showcasing the creative talents of local and international artists, presented in a wide range of media including paintings, photography, prints, drawings, ceramics, glass, fibre, sculpture, mixed media, multimedia, and installations.

Conservation Solutions (CSI) is currently contracted to carry out condition assessments of the City’s current artworks and develop a Conservation Plan including; recommendations for treatment, display and handling, storage, and exhibition parameters. Artworks are separated into two collections Civic Art and the Percent for Art objects. 

CSI is also working directly with City of Calgary staff to provide additional support and guidelines to be apply to new acquisitions, implemented as part of their active Public Art Program.  This project is scheduled for completion in Fall 2017.