Conservation Solutions Inc: Art + Architecture + Artifacts

Joseph Sembrat

Vice President
Principal Conservator

Joseph Sembrat has been immersed in the conservation field for over twenty years. In 1999, together with his wife Julya, he founded Conservation Solutions, which has since developed into a leading, nationwide, historic preservation firm focusing on art, artifacts and architecture.Conservation Solutions has been recognized for and won numerous awards for its work over recent years.

Some high-profile projects include

  • the treatment of artifacts from the salvaged R.M.S. Titanic wrecksite, such as the Big Piece,
  • artifacts recovered from the R.M.S. Carpathia wreck-site, and
  • the conservation of two Saturn V rockets.

Joe is also an accomplished author and presenter of topical industry relevant issues. He continuously conducts research and publishes papers on topics in the preservation field with special emphasis on technology-sharing among various areas of industrial research and its applicability to conservation treatments.

Joe holds an MS in Historic Preservation from Columbia School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation (1993), and a BA in Art History from the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA (1990).

Joe has been a Fellow of the American Institute for Conservation (AIC) since 2007.