The Conservation Solutions Team

Our team includes a broad and talented group of Conservators, Technicians and Administrators to organize, perform and oversee the amazing range of projects we engage in. Our Principal Conservators are Fellows, and our Conservators are Professional Associates of the American Institute for Conservation (AIC) and the Canadian Association of Professional Conservators (CAPC).  We offer decades of experience in the fields of conservation and historic preservation. The Conservators are supported by able Assistant Conservators, Administrators, and Technicians. We are constantly updating our comprehensive knowledge of innovative conservation techniques through attendance and presentations at national and international conferences and universities. This technics training is balanced with a breadth of experience in traditional craft skills used in the treatment of the extraordinarily broad range of conservation challenges we face; from masonry, metals and wood in buildings, monuments and works of art, mosaics, frescos, undersea and space artifacts, to industrial heritage. We collaborate with a network of specialized sub-contractors and industry experts in the areas of corrosion prevention, engineering, testing, biochemistry, metalworking, stonework, art foundries and the cleaning and coatings industries, who assist us with the design and specifications of custom solutions for unique and complex preservation projects.

Mark Rabinowitz
Vice President

Mark Rabinowitz is Vice President and Principal Conservator. He co-directs the Conservation Division with Joseph Sembrat Mark served as Deputy Chief of Operations for Preservation at the Central Park Conservancy throughout the 1990s, during which time he initiated and directed their monuments conservation and historic preservation programs. In 1997 Mark was named Chief Consulting Conservator for the New York City Parks Department where he started up a similar program to treat monuments throughout New York City. Bo... [More]

Joseph Sembrat
Vice President

Joseph Sembrat has been immersed in the conservation field for over twenty years. In 1999, together with his wife Julya, he founded Conservation Solutions, which has since developed into a leading, nationwide, historic preservation firm focusing on art, artifacts and architecture.Conservation Solutions has been recognized for and won numerous awards for its work over recent years. Some high-profile projects include the treatment of artifacts from the salvaged R.M.S. Titanic wrecksite, such as the Big Piece, ar... [More]

Silvia Callegari
Assistant Conservator

Silvia Callegari joined Conservation Solutions, Inc. as an Assistant Conservator/ Project Manager in September 2017. She was awarded a Master of Science in Historic Preservation from the University of Pennsylvania (2017) and holds a BA from New York University (2012). At CSI, Silvia works closely with Senior Conservators in all aspects of conservation work, including research, condition assessments, conservation treatments, construction management, and materials testing and analysis. While completing her graduate... [More]

Reed Higgins
Conservation Technician

Reed Higgins joined Conservation Solutions, Inc. (CSI) as a conservation technician in 2015. He works closely with Conservators in many aspects of historic preservation work including conservation treatments, project management, employee training, condition assessments, color matching, and photographic documentation. Prior to joining the team at CSI, Reed worked as a Litigation Technology Specialist / Project Manager in the legal services field. In previous positions, he has managed a dental laboratory and has ta... [More]

Emma Kousouris
Assistant Conservator

Emma Kousouris recently joined Conservation Solutions as an Assistant Conservator/Project Manager in May 2016. She works closely with Senior Conservators in all aspects of historic conservation work, including research, condition assessments, conservation treatments, and materials testing and analysis. Before joining CSI, Emma worked as a preservationist at Bennett Preservation Engineering, PC. in Charleston, SC, where she worked closely with an engineer and a conservator. The majority of her work included on-sit... [More]

Josefina Maldonado
Conservation Technician

Josefina Maldonado is a Conservation Technician who joined CSI in June 2017. Josie is from El Paso, Texas and lived in Fort Collins, Colorado for six years before she received her Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the University of Texas at El Paso and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art from New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, New Mexico. In 2010, she participated in a conservation science internship at the Library of Congress developing Portable X-ray Fluorescence (PXRF) calibration curves for metals in p... [More]

Megan Pase
Conservation Technician

Megan Pase is a Conservation Technician who joined CSI in June 2017. She works closely with Conservators and supports many aspects of Conservation including research, condidtion assessments, conservation treatments, data collection, report writing, and materials testing and analysis. Megan has a background in studio art, and graduated with a B.S. in Art + Design, with an emphasis in Metals and Jewelry, from Towson University in 2009. Before working at CSI, Megan worked as a bench jeweler. Her skillset include... [More]

Tucker Simmons
Conservation Technician

Tucker Simmons joined CSI as a conservation technician in January, 2016. He works closely with Conservators and other technicians during all phases of conservation treatment, assessment and documentation. He also helps write reports, proposals, and works in an administrative role as well. Prior to joining CSI, Tucker volunteered in the Auburn Archeology lab and worked as a field technician for his professor’s Cultural Resource Management company. As a volunteer in the archeology lab, Tucker sorted, analyzed,... [More]

Caitlin Smith
Senior Conservator

Caitlin Smith is a Senior Conservator and Project Manager at Conservation Solutions, Inc., with over eight years of experience. Caitlin is responsible for daily oversight, quality control, and documentation of conservation work. She performs daily inspections, reviews submittals, participates in project meetings, prepares reports, provides field directions and is responsible for all aspects of project management and administration. She also performs hands-on implementation of conservation treatments, including... [More]

Mirta Vidal
Conservation Technician

Mirta Vidal Peralta is a Conservation Technician with 10 years of experience working in museums, exhibitions and conservation of fine arts collections. She holds a BS degree in Art History from San Marcos University (Lima, Peru) and a specialization in Easel Paintings Conservation from the National School of Fine Arts of Lima. Before joining CSI, she worked in The Municipal Art Gallery of Lima in the conservation area, performing preventive maintenance work, which included condition assessment, cleaning, handling,... [More]

Kevin Wagner
Conservation Technician

Kevin Wagner joined Conservation Solutions in August 2017 as a Conservation Technician. Kevin works closely with Conservators and other technicians during all phases of conservation treatment, assessment, and documentation. While at CSI, Kevin has worked on a variety of structures, objects, and materials, including metals and stone projects. Kevin has a background in history, and graduated with an M.A. in Public History with an emphasis in museum and archival studies from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 2015... [More]

Sophia Zweifel
Assistant Conservator

Sophia Zweifel joined CSI as an Assistant Conservator in May 2017. She was awarded an M.A.C in Art Conservation treatment from Queen’s University (2015) specializing in objects, and holds MA and BA degrees in Art History from University College London (UCL) and the University of British Columbia. Sophia has completed fellowships in Textile Conservation at the Canadian Conservation Institute and the Agnes Etherington Art Centre, where she developed and carried out research projects and performed in-depth text... [More]